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Just the standar musical bumps, statues.

How about corner- you need 5 adults for this game

4 of the adults stand in the corners of the room with different colour hats or cards, play some music and the children dance around and then when its turned off they hae to go to a coloured corner. The other adult has a set of corresponding cards and chooses one and the children there have to sit down- play agian until all children sat out.

Maybe a little to tricky with toddlers. who knows.



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What about a Christmas version of "FRUIT SALAD"

For those who do not know how to play game - Sit all the children on chairs in a circle, I always have a couple spare. With little ones I give them a picture, use old christmas cards, puddings, trees, crackers.

When you call out puddings everyone with pudding pictures have to change seats - this is why I always have a spare so anyone who is slow can use the empty seat. Keep playing sometimes trees sometimes crackers but when you call out Merry Christmas everyone has to change places.

Pass the parcel - in each layer put an old Christmas car with an action on it - jump like a frog, bark like a dog, find something red / shiny sing a song you can always put a bag of sweets in the middle to be shared by everyone.

What's in the Box put a number of seasonal objects in the box - adults give clues It has four legs a red nose and pulls Santa's sleigh. The child you correctly identifies the object can holh it until the game is over.

Find the Robin! using old Christmas cards "hide" robins where the children can find them ask them to collect three Robins each.

Christmas Happy Families. You need a Father Christmas / Mrs Christmas / reindeer / elf.Play as for find the robin.

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