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Hello Every one


I hope you dont mind me asking please can I have some advise on fees in the northampton area I am trying to sort out my parent information pack andam getting realy confused about what to charge dose anyone belong to a childminding network for northampton and have any updated information on the fees charged in the area and weather or not to inclued meals /trips in with the fee or as an extra? I am a newchildminder finding my feet.


I also need some help with the observation and planning on the eyfs can any body give me some simple ideas on what to look for when observing and how to plan next actions around it. I have had alook in the resources area but just got more confused seemed rather advanced forme have never done this sort of thing before am waiting for some info about acourse starting soon but need some help in the mean time.



very confused childminder

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Hi 1michelle,


I can't help with the £ side of things but maybe with obs and planning.

You will know your children or get to know them very quickly in your environment. If you have a look through development matters you will see where each child is, you then need to observe what they are interested in and try to extend their learning and development to the next 'step' of development matters. It can be quite tricky to know how to use each childs interests to extend their learning in all areas and I'm afraid I think that comes with practice :o

I think this is an easy and simplistic view to it, I am sure others will come along to offer more advice

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Hi 1michelle

not in your area I'm afraid but I charge a slightly higher rate than the average in my area (between 3.50-4.50 average) but include all meals and snacks and some small trips, only charging extra for bigger, once year type trips for eg. theatre/zoo etc.

with observations, like wendles says it gets easier with practice, but I took these observation guidlelines from somewhere and they have helped me to consider what is an important observation

independently choosing resources

making relationships with other children and adults

discover problems and persist with difficulties

make changes in the learning environment

develop new skills and use them in their play

show satisfaction with achievemnets


I would start off with a simple table with each child's name on and as you get to know them begin to write in their interests and then plan what you will do from there

for example i noted this week that one of my children is really enjoying a particular story so i might plan some activities around that

another really enjoyed putting her hands in the glue instead of using it to do sticking so i planned lots of messy play activities.

is that any help

i think you're right to try and keep things simple, whats important is that you spend the time being with the children and getting to know them

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