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following recent events in the nursery we have decided that now would be a really good time to undertake some behaviour managment training for all staff. we want to do this inhouse, primarily because we can not afford to have someone come in and train us. we are going to do it for a full day on a saturday and will look at some team work training too (if we have time)


we will definatly look at :


: child protections (signs of abuse, what to do etc.,.... a general recap for all staff )

: ways to deal with behaviour in nursery - appropriate and inappropriate

: staff behaviour and attitudes.


of course we want to get some staff on accrediated training but right now we all need a training session.....


if any of you were running a training session on behaviour managment what would you cover... can any of you direct me to resources i can use?


thanks in anticipation



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Hi, this is my area professionally, and when I do staff training the key topics I cover are:


- Clear expectations - what do staff actually want from the children in terms of their behaviour and how is this conveyed to them?

- Staying calm and unemotional - why's it hard, how do you do it?

- The importance of structure and routine

- Using verbal and non verbal communication effectively (non verbal and use of tone is particularly key with very young children)


I would also look at the main triggers for young children's misbehaviour (tired, hungry, inappropriate activities, etc.)


You'll also need to cover SEN issues around this area.


Hope that helps,


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