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Hi there, Sorry! Only just noticed this :o . Can't think of anything off the top of my head for child psychology, but the Pre-school Learning Alliance do a really good booklet called 'Behaviour in Pre-school Groups' ISBN 1 873743 75 0. You can get it directly from them, either by phoning your local branch (should be in the phone book) or from the website, which I can't lay my hands on at the moment, but a search will throw it up, no probs!! Or you could look at Nicola Call's articles here on the site.

Hope that's helpful,


Sue :D

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Hi Caz, try this, it's got questionaires for parents and practitioners , and then shows how each response can affect childrens behaviour. I remember at the time of reading it hearing a woman on the bus slap her son with the words 'dont hit'!!! The book reflects that kind of thing.

Understanding behaviour, Psychology for parents and teachers working with family groups

Madan Mall and Berni Stringer 2002

The Questions Publishing Company, Birmingham


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