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Hi All


I had an interview recently for a teacher in a children's centre.


I didn't get the job because they said I hadn't given good enough answers about how I would reach "hard to reach families". Not quite as brutal as that of course.


Can anyone enlighten me on the sorts of things they do?


Thanks all.

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Hi Moorgate, bad luck on the job but at least you got some constructive feedback for next time.


First its a good idea to think about who these families are within the context of the particular area..this will differ from place to place.


Then think about how. There are many many answers to this one. When I was a CC teacher, we found that we had to take our services out to the families, rather than expect them to come to us. We did an awful lot of leg work to let people know we were there, by being in the places where people are.. shops, libraries, health centres, schools etc. For us, developing a good relationship with the local Imam (leader of the mosque) was essential. Providing translation services was another way to bring in families who otherwise would not be able to access our services. Some of hard to reach families started to appear once they had a feeling of trust.


Good luck with the next one, this question in one form or another is quite a common one

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