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I really hope that you lovely clever people out there can give me some ideas for a foundation degree assignment.


I have to do an essay on managing people in an early years setting. The assignment brief is


With specific reference to early years settings, analyse the characteristics of a good manager and discuss the effectiveness of alternative styles and approaches to managing people. You should also demonstrate that you have considered the impact that alternative styles of management have directly on the provision user. Ensure that you reflect on your own strengths and areas for development in relation to leadership and management skills.



I am doing fine so far but when I look at two of the learning outcomes they don't seem to have a place in the essay.


3. Provide information to support decision making related to team and organisational needs.

4. Develop your own resources.


Is there anyone out there who can see how these fit together? Do I need to put a section about team roles in the essay especially to meet outcome 3?


Please help!


(My avatar is feeling particularly appropriate at this moment!)

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Hi AlisonP,


I'm sorry I dont have any ideas for your assignment but was curious to know what course you are studying. I have posted a thread earlier on about the E115 and if it teaches about mananging people in the early years. It is an area that I would like to develop further so would be interested to know your course title.


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