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I am having a mild - no major panic.


I have no hall this week - long story building work means we have no toilet, so we have decided to visit our local woodland, park.


That's fine I've already done it for a week early on in the build - so that's OK


But looking at the weather forecast it is going to rain -a lot.


So far - building shelter (sent hubby to B & Q for tarpaulins)


Catching rain


Rain songs


Floating boats in the stream, more like a puddle.


Decorate shelter


rain art


oh - umbrella's to make rain noises - great from Ikea.


Any other ideas



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Recording what sort of rain you get from drizzle to downpours. How many words are there for rain?


Make your own thunderstorm with instruments and camera flashes.


Competitions - who can keep a piece of paper dryest with certain resources.


Finding out which fabrics are waterproof by stretching them over containers and putting them out in the rain.


Looking at how containers with wide tops catch more rain than those with narrow tops.


Watching the rain's effect on a tray of dry powder paint - different colours.


Plates of salt, sugar, talc, flour - which dissolve? Where have they gone?

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old favourite


wax rubbings on different tree bark


our children have been enjoying felt pens on wet paper this week great for using up those old pens that are on their last legs


hope you enjoy your time in the woods it sounds a great idea

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Bless you thanks - I'm really looking forward to getting out of the building. Builders are everywhere electricians, plumbers, painters, floorers -it was kind of silly by Friday.


We are meeting at pre-school all week , hopping on the bus for a couple of stops to arrive at a huge park - our parish council offices are there and they have offered toilets etc.


We reecently purchsed walkie talkies for staff to keep in contact more and this weekend got children high vis jackets from Ikea.


It should be fantastic - I have loads of ideas, but still planning to follow the children's interests + weather so I will be planning each night.


Fingers crossed we don't get too much rain tomorrow. Forecast for us is Heavy showers - but as I said hubby been and got 2 huge tarpaulins to make a base. Should be a great sound on the roof.


I'll let you know how wet I get - must order those adult waterproofs for next term :o

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Just a quick update - we have survived "pre-school in the park" week.

Day 1 & 2 we had some rain - but we made some fab shelters with the tarpaulin and we sat under them listening to the rain, caught all the drips off them - the chidlren thought in fantastic. How often do they get chance to sit in and hear and experience the rain?


Also supllied umbrellas that they loved and all crowded under.


On other days ventured into the woods, watched the rabbits, counted mole hills, found rabbit holes, measured trees, made trails.


Over the 5 days 30 different children have come along - many to all 5. and my energetic boys have been running their little socks off down the hills.


It was fab - back to reality next week. My building site is still there and all the equipment needs cleaning as we have dust everywhere :o

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