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I have been looking at management traning and before we spend lots of money I wondered if anyone had used this trainer before. The training is provided by The Centre - (THe Centre for Strategy and Communication) and is based in Old St, London.


Also do you know of any good management training providers, I am looking for training in dealing with difficult people, appraisals, supervision etc. Can you recomend any? We do have some money to spend but as a charity we want to make sure we get value for money and not find out at the it was a waste of time and money at the end of it all.


Thank you


(Come on Murray :o)

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Also do you know of any good management training providers,

Haven't heard of or used the people you mention Wendles - perhaps someone else has though?


As for management training I've been on a couple provided for our Local Authority for a company called Noel Quinn - here's a link to their website. They are early years people so understand the challenges faced by all sorts of settings - they make good use of management theory so their courses are great for people who like theorists, but practical enough for those who just want help to improve the way they do things.


Their courses are enjoyable and great fun too - and Gill Quinn always puts sweets and chocolates on the table which helps me concentrate much better!




PS I'm not on commission - honest!

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Guest itsnoelquinn

I just found this! I am indeed the gill from Noel Quinn and yes I do always bring sweets! But most importantly the training we provide from Noel Quinn is exactly what maz says - theory but very practical because we have all worked in the sector. Thank you maz - sorry it's taken me so long to respond! Gill

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