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: Questioning Phonics Vs Synthetically Successful?


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While browsing I came across this if any of you are interested and haven't seen it before




btw I'm sitting on the fence reading these articles if you know what I mean!!


Luckily I'm not back in the classroom until after Easter (Year R) and have a while to make up mind as to which learning to read method I will use.


I am interested to hear what other Reception/ Year 1 teachers think about the teaching of synthetic phonics.


Could you be the one to persaude me to go one way or another...


Many thanks

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Hi hali - thanks for responding so quickly


take your time...i know how busy this time of year is. Just something for people to look at and get back to me whenever they can or can't. No pressure here.


I only teach the summer intake in Year R. The rest of the time I'm a TA. Suits me while my boys are still young.


I'm curious about mice and disinfectant!!


Enjoy the rest of term!



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Hey Hali


Just got round to reading your post 'What a week...'


I can just here you saying "I'm a practitioner get me out of here !!!".


Poor you...I was free on Wednesday. I could have been round to help in 20 minutes armed with my marigolds.

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