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If there were 3 wishes you could have for your setting, what would they be?


Mine are:


Short term - to find a good new member of staff to supplement our team.


Medium term - to get a few goods and preferably at least one outstanding on our next Ofsted.


Long term - to turn our car park into an extension of our new garden area.


I can dream! :o

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My three wishes would be;


short term - to complete (or even start) a sustainability grant form for a canopy and astroturf!


medium term - for staff to be excited and motivated both indoors and outside!!


long term - to receive a 'good' or even 'excellent' in our next Ofsted inspection ... after all, we have worked so

hard since Jan 08 and feel we deserve a break !!!


forever wishing ..... :o



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Not sure I can stop at three and uncertainty about when Ofsted will come hinders my Long term, short term predicting! A Good at next inspection though is high up there (or else!).


Short term I would like the staff to regain their spark and motivation too, and medium term I would like someone, anyone to agree to apply for the Outdoor Grant that I can't bring myself to look at!

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Ohhh three wishes !!!


Short term - to have another staff member so we aren't on minimum ratios


Medium term - to replace some of our tired and frankly plastic and boring resourses


Long term - have building work done to allow a door and therefore access into our large playground so we don't have to go through the school playgroung all the time


I can dream :o

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short term - to find a member of staff that will fit in with us (not so easy)

medium term - to have our ofsted before the six weeks holidays so can relax

long term - to hope all the renovation work is done before we return in september


funny how we have all mentioned one of the following

how staff need to be motivated,in and outdoors

get a new member of staff that will supplement/ fit in with our groups

have a good /great ofsted

to get some new equipment


does that tells us something ?

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Wish 1 - for someone to have started and finished our SEF!


Wish 2 - to have all our resources back in the correct boxes and in the correct place in the storage area


Wish 3 - as you've all said staff that have their spark back and are motivated - maybe we are all just ready for the holidays

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short term - find a new leader to start in September


medium - good ofsted (please let them come in the next 3 weeks so we can relax)!


long - raise enough money to move onto the school grounds (I still have January as my aim)!


With the departure of our leader yesterday I actually think staff motivation is going to be pretty high from Monday bizare as that seems!

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Short term-to have our grant application approved on 10th July so that we can start work on an outdoor play area, new toilets for staff, new stock room and quiet room over the summer(oh and that the church PCC will not object to what we have planned).

Medium term-to complete our SEF during the summer holidays.

Long term-to get at least one area that is outstanding at our next OFSTED inspection.



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