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I wonder if anybody could help. I have a little boy in my class who is 6. He has repeated reception this year. I am concerned about his reading development. He is still not able to recognise any sight words even though his mother tells me how well he is doing at home. His mother puts a lot of pressure on him and i wonder if this could have an effect. I have tried word games such as lotto, snap and have let him make the words out of playdough. He has a very short attention span and finds it difficult to make eye contact. I am not sure what to try next. Can anybody help?

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Hi rocket


Have you spoken to your literacy co-ordinator and/or senso and see if they can suggest any strategies?

Do he know all of the phonic sounds of letters and is he given simple words to decode using his knowledge?

I wonder what mum means 'doing well'.

Sorry...I'm asking more questions than providing answers!

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Hi Mousebat,


No, he does not know all his phonic sounds but when he is decoding a small word like 'it' or 'is' i have noticed that he is decoding them backwards. We dont have a literacy co ordinator.

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Hi again rocket


Ineresting that this child decodes backwards.

Does he have trouble learning sounds. It can be easier to decode words when they have a good knowledge of sounds rather than starting with general sight words.

What are his gross motor and fine motor skills like?

Has he been held back in Reception for a specific reason ?

Has he had an eyesight test?


Sorry...more questions which I would be asking as his teacher (not for you to answer here necessarily)


If it were me I would certainly want some advice from senco.

Have you tried him with pegboards and making colour patterns working from left to right?


Good luck

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I'd want to know the process through which he was held back in reception. This surely must have been discussed and agreed for very specific (educational/social development) reasons. Are there plans to integrate him into his own year group in the future?


Sorry, more questions!!



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