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Christmas Has Arrived Too Quickly!


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Oh my Goodness, I cant believe how quickly Christmas has crept up this year! We still have so many things to do, and only two weeks of term left! Nativitiy (x2), rehersal (x4), Christmas party (x2), Christmas activites, organising home visits, wrapping 'Santa' presents. AArgh!!!!!!!


Wouldnt swop it though!! :o:D

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I know exactly what you mean.


Luckily our nativity will be over by the end of this week, and then I can relax and enjoy the last week of the Christmas term with the little cherubs!


I love this time of year, It's so magical for the children and I get far too carried away with it all myself, but I must say I feel absolutely shattered and there are still two weeks to go until I can put my feet up for a couple of days.


Still.....it's all such fun

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