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Hi all,



some of our staff who are NVQ 3 students have said that our child protection policy is not as up to date as needed, they said that ours had the 'wrong terms' in and needed updating.


soes anyone have an update one i could look at (ideally for a nursery), or at least direct me in the direction of some updated information so that i can update our policy.


thanks in anticipation



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Sorry Dawn mine is not on my home PC so I can't share :o


I agree it is now 'Safeguarding Children' and whereas we used to have Local Area Child Protection Committee it change to Local Safeguarding Children;s Board.


I think there are specifics relating to documents that vary from area to area, in Essex we used to have 'The Blue Book' but that changed to 'Set Procedures'


If you check the welfare requirements in EYFS there are things you have to include in your Safeguarding Children Policy - off the top of my head one of them is that you must include what you would do in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff. I think you also have to name the staff member responsible for co-ordinating safeguarding issues and relevant contact telephone numbers.


Sorry I can't be of more help

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I just did safeguarding training online!


I have a follow up training to go to next week.


Lots of things have changed and I think are changing continually!


Take a peek at your local sageguarding children board online. That shopuld be as up to date as it gets.


From experience in this past week all is not as it was when noticing bruising and then writing down a child's comment about how it happened.


Maybe contact with your EY team for exactly where to go for up to the minute advice.

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I have just done an update of training and a lot of the definitions have changed. I will fish out the pack and try and post the relevant info.


One example is that Munchausen by Proxy isn't called that anymore but for the life of me I can't remember what's replaced it!


I'll get back to you.

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I agree that the policy can be quite specific to your area. Also you might find some support in updating your policy from NSPCC or some grant funding bodies if you are a voluntary organisation. When we applied for a grant from the National Lotteries they offered free advice in drawing up a policy if you didn't have one as it was a requirement of getting the funding that we had one.

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These are some of the key points I picked up:


ISA and the vetting and barring scheme will come into place in October 2009


Changes to legislation which should be reflected in your policy:

Every Child Matters

Laming (20093) and Bichard (2004) Reports

Children Act 2004

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006

Local Safeguarding Children Boards

List 99/Pova/ISA (independent Safeguarding Authority)

Managing allegations against staff and the role of Local Authority Designated Officers (LADO's ) (Specific people appointed - they will decide whether to refer to ISA or not)

Serious Case reviews/ Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) (2008)


Definitions of Abuse have been updated.. Check your local Safeguarding Children's Board on-line documents.


The Munchausen's bit now says 'physical harm may also be caused when a parent or carer fabricates the symptoms of, or deliberately induces illness in a child'


Under Sexual Abuse I picked up that there's a new bit:

non contact activities such as involving children looking at, or in the production of, pornographic material. (I think this now inclues things like mobile phone pics, file sharing, webcams & internet safety plus bluetooth. See the website: www.thinkuknow.co.uk


Under 'Neglect':

new: Neglect may occur in pregnancy as a result of maternal substance abuse


Through out the definitions the term 'persistent failure to....' seems more prevalent/greater emphasis than before.


We were told that neglect also would now cover 'obesity' issues


Other areas of abuse: mentioned runaways and also increase of child trafficking in UK.


Hope that's all helpful. I would recommend you try and get on a training update or at least speak to your Development Officer or Officer with specific responsibility for Safeguarding for their most up to date info.

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One example is that Munchausen by Proxy isn't called that anymore but for the life of me I can't remember what's replaced it!


I'll get back to you.


Is now fabricating illness x

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