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Hi everyone


I have one child who remained with us this year and will be 5 this month. He starts Y1 in September. Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to provide for him when he leaves? Last year I completed a transition form along with all his other contemporaries. This year we have done the usual observations and individual planning, together with a learning journey. I think I need to complete a Profile, but where will I find one, with instructions on what to do next?


I have searched the forum already, but there is so much stuff on there, I wonder if there is a quick link.

Thank you :o

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Guest LornaW



Yes you will need to complete a profile and this will need to be submited to your LA. It may be best to ask your locad EY Adviser for the info on when and who to send it to. Then all the usual trasition docs that you send with children.

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