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New Temp Cct Job - Ideas On What I Will Be Doing.


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Okay, so I got my new job (if you will) through my supply agency, they informally interviewed two of us and I got it - I think mainly for my passion of working in children's centres. Anyway, going to the interview from supply I did not really get a job spec, and at first I thought I would just be teaching in the nursery. I was told it was a children's centre Teacher and I will be working 3 hours a day e.g. 8.45 till 11.45 which seems to me that I will just be teaching in the nursery. However, during my interview I was told I will be attending management meetings and that no two days are the same and that it is different from school. I think I am just worrying too much, and kind of hope I will get to work with other agencies. I was told that I will be helping to implement High/Scope and update learning journey's and showing the EYP's how to develop them at the same time. Do you think it is just a classroom post? I know it is hard to say, but some calming responses will be great. As I am worried I will suck!


- I think the term Management meeting scares me.




Sorry if I am bugging


p.s. I have read other children's centre teacher specs

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What about contacting the Centre and simply asking for one. You obviously did not have a chance to get one before, and I think they would respect you for asking. After all you will need one to be sure you are working towards the purpose of the job.


I think you did well to get the job at all without knowing exactly what was expected - so well done and congratulations.


Gruffalo2 xD


By the way, us Managers are just ordinary people, just with a slightly different job! :o

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Hello Knoksk, you obvisoulsy have something they were looking for otherwsie you wouldn't have got the job!

Although there are many CC teachers who do just teach in the nursery, this is not really what the role is about, although this also varies greatly from LA to LA. I would suggest that you make contact with others in your LA and have a chat with them about their role. This is what I did when I first started as a CC teacher and yes it was scary, Id only ever really worked in schools.


You will probabaly find that ever day is different, thast one of the things that appealed to me. Ive often thought that A kind of 'day in the life of...' would be a good read for people in your position.


As Gruffalo said, CC managers aren't usually scary, certainly no scarier than a headteacher can be! Attending meetings will become part of your job and you will get used to their own unique culture!


Why dont you have a chat with your manager about your fears, Im sure they will reassure you, and get out to those other centres..maybe your LA has a CC teacher network?


Good luck

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