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Have got to teach dance as part of my PGCE in a reception class, any hints, tips or suggestions for music would be welcomed.

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I find the bear hunt a hit every time! Download of itunes.

space- pretend to be rocket etc

animals- some lion king music or carnival of the animals teach different kinds of movements, how would a bear travel, elephant and trunks kind of thing.


I have a simple structure we warm up to the same music each week- something fastish I suggest

then we respond dance to the music me giving the children ideas for movements, sometimes we stop and watch a couple of children otherwise I say 'look at x' see if you can do that kind of thing, we then have some party type music for a quick free dance and then we are done, sometimes a cool down if theres time.

sure someone will be along with some better ideas but thought these might start you off

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Sticky Kids 'Warm Up' cd is excellent for dance and movement.


http://www.stickykids.co.uk/home/homepage.aspx You can listen to samples on their website.


They're cheaper to buy at Amazon:




I started by showing the children the movements (instructions are given on the cd insert) and they found them really easy to follow. The children now access it independently, doing all the movements themselves.


If you are looking for a more creative dance lesson (where children make up their own movements) I would suggest asking the children what music they like. High School Musical is a popular one for our children, they make up their own dances to the music, however this has less structure and you don't really play a part!


Good luck!

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