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Hi all

asking advice again :o


We have a boy at pre-school just turned 3 who we have been having problems with since he arrived. Thing is he is the supervisors own son! Im his keyperson as he seems to have bonded with myself more than the others (or should i say staff are frightened of him! I deal with him!). Supevisor is fully aware of his behaviour problems.....example today he was sat next to another, they were fighting over a toy and he bit the other child on the face. left a bruise after first aid treatment and we had to complete incident form. This is the most serious thing he has done (I hasten to add!). Most of the time its aggression, hiting out. We praise his postive behaviour and sometimes he can be the most delightful, funny child. Its difficulf for supervisor but we are now aware that some girls not coming to the setting bcause of him. Had initially put it down to age/stage/mum in setting etc but this has been going on for months. We have used talking to him, playing relevant game etc and even after today he knew straight away to say sorry howver this will not stop him next time! Have used time out, think about what you have done etc but to no avail.

When Im not in Supevisor says its awful as other staff do not deal with him (we as staff decided it was bst for other and not supervisor to sort out) so lacking consistency. Other staff have been reminded again today.

Im thinking of trying to chart his behaviour for a session to see if that highights anything. Anyone else got any ideas? Supervisor thinks her own son shoud be on an IEP. She i eriouly thinking of taking him out and paying out to send him elsewhere. New Deputy agreed that she should as otherwise 1 staff member woud have to watch him all the time. Im thinking what about inclusion? We woudnt do this if it was anyone eles child!??!


So need some ideas that I coud try to do with him. Pease bear in mind my setting re ratios etc !!!??? Its very difficult to give one to one support on min ratio for too long!


Thanks for advice

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is he always there with his mum? if not is he better when she is not there - staff at our setting are not allowed to have their children in with them - part of our psla ruling - is this ok for you to do ?

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Guest lou73

oh dear thats a really tricky situation. I can sympathise with the mothers situation. I am a nursery teacher based in a school and would have loved my son to have been a pupil where i worked. However he has additional needs and has struggled with school especially with in terms of his behaviour which is why i made the choice to send him else where. However, this was my choice and not my schools.


I don't feel that suggesting his removal to another setting will be good for the little boy and it doesn't seem very inclusive...... surely the staff need help to support this little boy...... I would say do some tracking observations see if there are triggers to his behaviour.



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