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I have started the bristol standard but am struggling on what to use as evidence. In physical env i used photos to show children using their senses is this ok. What i am really struggling with is evidence in aims and objectives. I have included our policy but what else is there.



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Hi Buttercup

Do you have anything like a prospectus that you give new parents? that probably has your aims in it. Or what about a mission statement? That's the sort of evidence we used. Hope that helps you to think about what you have that will fit the bill, I guess its different for each setting.


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not got a copy of them any more so cannot comment on individual dimensions but


but look at what you have said you do well and find something to evidence it.

You do not need to evidence every point you make but it is better if you can evidence most of them.


when making up the folder try to show where evidence is for each point made, and as so much is cross referenced we found it easier to put all the evidence together with numbered pages and put the page number next to the statement.


Ok sounds complicated but for us it worked better that way we could use 1 piece of evidence in lots of different areas.


As an aside, don't forget it is benefit to the child not staff, parents or anyone else, so make sure your benefits start with the child will benefit by to focus you.. many don't get through because of this element...


Good luck



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Hi Buttercup!


I have only just found this thread, so hope my post will still be useful.


Inge is right that you only have to include one piece of evidence for each thing you say is a strength, but very clear cross-referencing is vital. As assessors we have limited time to look through each submission (though we do look at them very carefully). It helps so, so much if the referencing is clear and we can find the' structure' of the folder quickly and easily. A contents page is really useful for this.


I always suggest to settings I am mentoring that before they submit they get someone who has not been involved to look through the folder and see if they can find their way, and then give comments. As mentors we are not allowed to do this, but a friend from another setting who is also doing TBS is someone good to use.


Good luch with it

Gruffalo2 :o

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