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Hello, am helping on an interview panel next week. We are interviewing for a nursery manager. Any suggestions for questions would be gratefully received please?

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I have never interviewed for a manager so this is just off the top of my head!!


How about asking about her management styles?

Her ethos.

Thoughts on working as a team.

How to make the most of each team members skills


How she will come into what is probably an established team, to take over


I keep saying she..... I am just presuming here!

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I was given these sometime ago by PSLA, although some aren't relavant now. I suppose you could substitute Birth 2 3 for EYFS etc. Anyway it mabe of some use.


Q What is your understanding of the curriculum guidance for thefoundation stage.

a. ( is areas of learning for children in the foundation stage who are aged from

3yrs till 5/6yrs)

The 6 areas of learning are:1. personal, social and emotional 2. language, literacy

and communications 3. physical 4.creative 5. maths 6. knowledge &

understanding of the world.


Q. Stepping stones are to help:]

a. ( practioners plan for children)

a. (it’s statutory requirement)

a. (all children’s entitlement)

a ( correct level of challenge)

Q What is your understanding of the Birth to 3yrs matters?

A framework to support children in their earliest years.

The A strong Child, A skilful communicator, A competent learner and A healthy child.

Q In what ways is planning important in the pre – school and how do you go about it ?

a ( using observations to inform future planning)


a (Short, medium and long term planning - observations )


Q What is your understanding of Child protection – what would you do if you felt a

child was in danger?


Q What is your understanding of Equal Opportunities and how would you promote it in

pre – school?

a. (To treat everybody as an individual)


a. ( inclusion, celebrating festivals, multicultural play and equipment, information

in other languages)


Q How would you settle in children

* that are upset a. (carer to stay- bring a comforter)

* with disruptive behaviour a.( have 3-5yrs rules and explain consequences if

* that are aggressive broken)


Q Your understanding of the key worker system.


Q How would you promote working in partnership with parents?

a. (stay to settle child/ren, parents rota, committee, social events, newsletters)


Q What do you think constitutes good team work?


Q. Can you give an incident from your own experience on a difficulty between team

members or between the staff and management, and how you / would resolve it?

a. communication- talking to the individual discretely.

support from management

being clear about the issue

being willing to try different solutions


Q How do you see your professional development?


Are you prepared to do further training?



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