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Minibeast Ideas For The Outdoors


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Hi, the theme at the minute is - All Creatures Great and Small.


As part of my placement I have to enhance an area of provision - I have chosen the outside area although I'm struggling for ideas. Outside there is a tent (quiet area) a sand area, a vegetable shop and tarmac with a little digging soil patch at the back.


For the sand area I was thinking about putting in compost with minibeasts, stones, sticks, leaves etc and getting them to make their own houses. Also I was going to get some different coloured chalk and alow the children to draw minibeasts, there will also be some feely boxes with plastic insects in - have to guess and pick the correct flashcard.


However I need some more ideas, anything would be of great help. Thanks :o

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What about sequencing life-cycles onto washing lines?


What initial sound is in each mini beasts name? variety of phoneme cards on table if windy blu tack them down and assortment of mini beast. The children could even use sorting circles to help clarification.


A sorting activity where children have to sort out words associated with all creatures great and small from an assortment in a hoop against a timer . They could have mini races and record who has got how many on a tally chart if u gave them clipboards.




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Guest lou73

What about getting some carpet tiles that the children can sit on and having some books outside linked to your theme of mini beasts.....


You could also have some plastic magnifying glasses and laminated mini beast cards which the children could mark when they have found specific mini beasts.

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