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Hi All


I have been invited for an interview next Tuesday. The post is working as a Children's Centre teacher across a few settings.


I have been told that I will have 30 minutes to organise a 10 min presentation on as yet an unseen topic. Scary!!!


Has anyone had to do this? Does anyone have any "Top Tips" they could share please.


Apparently I will be given flip chart paper and felt tip pens.


Thank you - all you clever people ouy there.

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Wow! As lou73 says, that's a hard interview!


My only advice would be to try not to panic and keep it simple! You won't have time to do anything too in depth anyway, but try not to be too ambitious!


I don't know whether the job description or your researches into what the Children's Centre agenda is will give you any ideas as to the likely subject matter will be, but they won't be asking you to re-invent the wheel in half an hour so I think it is likely to be about a subject that you have some knowledge or experience of.


Perhaps someone who has been interviewed for a job like this will be along with some more useful advice!


Good luck with the interview - let us know how it goes won't you?



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