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My collegue and i are conducting a role play workshop for other teachers in our group. i work overseas in a large preschool group of Several schools. Role play is not happening in most of the other schools and we are trying to inspire people and show them how easy role play is.


Half way through the activity we are planning to separate everyone into three groups, give them 2 resourses that they must use along with anything else they can find in the school. The aim is to show that a role play area can be set up in 5mins with things that are available in our schools to be used in the classroom for a day. we will be talking separatly about main role play areas to be set up in the communal areas and outdoors.


anyway this is what we have come up with group 1 - a telephone and a till l group 2 - 3 cardboard boxes and 3 sheets



Any ideas for group 3?


We want something that isn't to obvious, something that lends itself to many ideas as the above, would appreciate any thoughts!



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Pencils and paper?


thx great ideas, feeling inspire myself. was going to give each group pens paper and sellotape aswell but yes could give them as a seperate group. was thinking of water, but thought it might be abit obvious?

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