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Ok need some advice!


About half way through the course (its a learn at home course). Completed 2 out of 4 units (graded C and B from tutor but need official marks from CACHE).


Halfway through unit 3 which is CACHE marked not tutor marked. Deadline sept, marked oct and result out mid december.


Final unit i can either go for submit to tutor 1 Aug official mark from CACHE mid nov and therefor should complete course by end of year OR submit next date of 1 Dec :oxD results April 2010 a year from now!


Have already done 150 hours in pre-school so that is covered. Will have school holiday to complete. I really want to complete by end of year so Im thinking I should stop the CACHE unit I am half way through, start the final unit and get that in to tutor and then go back to CACHE unit to finish.


Am I being unrealistic in this?

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really depends on time you have to complete the work (thinking of time free here) and if you feel able to cope with the additional work load...


not an unreasonable task if you feel able to do it... It is 4 months between the two qualifying dates.. would your tutor allow you to do this...



Only you really know if you could cope with the work load...



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Hi Inge

well going to try for it anyway!

Have just read the whole of my option unit (not much to it when I looked at it) on wait for it....working in a parent managed setting!!!!

I found alot of it i know already ie policies, constitution, how they are managed etc but did find it interesting as what a committee is SUPPOSED to do and what ours does!


Anyway now looking at the assignment for this (there are no mini assignmnets just straight into it which makes it easier too).

Just need help on the wording of this question as it doesnt sound quite right to me


Evaluate the contribution of parent management committes of pre-school settings to the community participation?

The participation bit throws me!!


The guidance says detailed consideration of advantages and disadvantages of parent committees to community participation. This may include involvement of wider community in education opportunities participation of diverse groups etc etc...


So far got advantages

parents bring individaul strengths, may learn new skill for careers, education volunteering for other community groups, feel like they ar putting something back into the community, building partnerhips with others eg local businesses, library, church, schools, Drs (expain how), parents get to know other community members, parents ensure the pre-school meets their needs and therefor the communities needs/requirments, children ee parents helping and in future volunteer thmselves, more likely to work on community projects that they can contribute to as well as use, parents fell they have power become active citizens, meets changing needs of community


disadvanatges (bit stuck here)

maintaining confidentiality between parents, lots of time and responsibility, liability,conflict of interst if involved in more than one community project, personal conflicts,


any help appreciated or am I looking at it completely wrong??

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Hi Marley. I struggled with this over the same wording. I don't think my question was exactly the same but the tutor kept harking back to the same idea, and I found it difficult to explain how the committee encouraged community participation. The only way I could see it did was as members of the community themselves, but I got the impression the tutor wanted something else.


I'm sorry I can't help you any further with it (I have filed my assignments away somewhere safe but I don't know where that is!) but what you have written above seems good to me. I'm sure someone else will come along soon who has their brain in gear. I do think you can get this done by the end of the year though and I will keep my fingers crossed.

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hi there i'm currently doing dpp level 3 and i done unit 3 is it the one making the preshool environment safe and supportive if so il help you as much as i can

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Hi Rusty

No sorry its the option unit 3 that is working in a aprent managed setting. But thanks for that anyway!

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Hi all

Well spent hours over the weekend and finally completed one assignment. :oxD:( :(


I now have until Sept to do my last one which goes straight to CACHE. Thing is I think Im now getting the hang of these!! :(

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