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Wow Activity For A Nursery Observation - Possibly On Animals


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I am a Reception teacher and am being observed teaching our nursery class. I am looking for inspiration to plan an activity that I could do with the children that will get them keen to be involved and interact. It can be a stand alone activity or linked to their current area of interest - animals


Any suggestions would be appreciated



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Guest lou73

What about some thing like a sing it bag..... i.e. have a bag and inside have laminated pictures that suggest nursery songs... So, children take it in turns to come and pull out a picture... Everyone looks at a picture and thinks of a song that they could sing relating to the picture.......

So i.e. a bun for five current buns etc


I also find that getting children to stand up and move around the carpet helps to keep them focused. You could ask different children what they think the song could be....and why?


I would encourage lots of stamping feet and marching and of course actions. My nursery class absolutely love this activity and so course with lots of 'i'm looking to see someone joining in well and and trying hard to pull the next piece out of bag' behave beautifully.

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Thanks for the replies.


I am open minded to any activity - I could link it to animals or just do a stand alone activity as I am in there for just the observation. I like the sandpit idea but the sand pit is not ideally placed in the class to allow me to keep a close eye on all the children.


I am liking the idea of discovery bottles, linked to KUW, or possibly something involving construction

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