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Hi there,


We have been asked to look at a religion as part of our multi-cultural week. We are a catholic school so tend to base our religion based activities around a story from the bible.


As religions can be quite complex for younger children I was hoping to find a story from one of the other religions that I could use as a starting point.


The only stories I can find are Rama and Sita - which we looked at during Diwali and the story of Ganesha - which is about a boy having his head chopped off and replaced with an elephants head. But Ganesha is one of the Hindu Gods so it might be nice for children to understand why he has an elephants head. Not sure whether this is too gory for young children - having said that we have looked at the Easter story where Jesus was nailed to the cross!


Anyway if anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.



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Do you have any children in your school from other faiths? If so that is where I would start so that there was some relevance to the children in the class, talking about their celebrations of their faith, rather than something which is outside anyone's understanding. I can understand why you find this so difficult with young children. What about looking at Creation myths, which are very interesting, and often very beautiful and talk about the different stories explaining the beginning of the world? If you look on Amazon you will find many of these.

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