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I've got a job interview for teacher in charge of a special support unit in an infant school (speech and language difficulties) I've got to do a presentation (1o mins) about my 5 year vision for the centre. All ideas gratefully received and I need to get the bulk of it done by this week end!!! Is power point in or out? any other ways to do a presentation these days? xD:o

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Can't help much but you sounded so desperate I thought I'd just wish you well! :o I'd have thought Powerpoint is fine (always supposing they have the facilities) but if you use it concentrate more on your message than the bells and whistles Powerpoint has to offer!


Good luck - let us know how things go!



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Same as Maz, can't help much, research what the centre offers already, are there possibilities for extentions to these services?

Mention research of local needs, current government initiatives, will they help meet the needs and are they suitable for this centre?

Don't have to have the answers to above just show an awareness of the need to consider these.


If the vision is specific to your field, mention possible programmes that you are aware of that support sp & language that could be offered, how they will be monitored to show value, which in turn could effect additional funding maybe?


5 yrs is quite a long time, consider turnaround of users, so, programmes that start with babies and continue through to age 5+, but can be accessed say at age 3yrs. What I'm trying to say is to provide services that have a continuity (helps with sense of community development for users), but can also be joined at various levels, this would enable 'progress from prior learning' but also accessible to any age starters. (hope that makes sense).


Include also your own CPD training goals maybe?



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I do a lot of presentations as part of my job, and although I do use powerpoint, I only use it as a kind of 'aide memoire', i.e. so that I know what I'm meant to be saying.


My best advice is to think about the strategies you use for teaching a class - interactive, multi sensory, visual aids, interesting resources, etc. and try to adapt those for the interview audience.


Good luck with your interview.

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Hi Kate,

Moving on then? :o This sounds exciting; is it a unit that already exists, or a new one?


I would make sure partnership with parents is a key feature in your presentation. Good luck xD


If you upload your Powerpoint slides we could comment on them over the weekend maybe?

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