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Can anybody recommend a good book that I can read to nursery children (aged 4) which is about different feelings?


It's for my nvq assessment and my knowledge of frequently used books in the foundation stage is limited to say the least!


I have considered Owl Babies or Can't You Sleep Little Bear but these only cover one or two feelings and wondered if there were any better books that cover more feelings and emotions.


Many thanks.



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Take a look at Voices in the park, Anthony Browne. I havent read at playgroup yet so not sure how it will do, but it's about 4 people who go to the park at the same time and in their own words they tell what happens there. It's one story but from 4 different points of view. The 'snooty' lady, her son and their dog, the 'scruffy' looking man and his daughter and their dog. Feelings come into it but not sure if it's quite what you want. :D

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I've come across a whole series of feelings books - not in nursery right now -off for a few weeks, but will see if I can remember the titles and get back to you. Thay have titles like I feel sad, I feel happy, I feel angry and they are really nicely illustrated.


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