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Hi All,


We are a Hampshire Pathfiner nursery, we can claim the 15 hours NEG.


I am putting together our info packs for new parents and I am stuck with how to explain the costs of the new grant system on our price list. Before, when it was sessional based it was easy - we just printed & explained they would get £8.50 (2.5 hours local grant) amount off their AM & PM sessions upto a max of 5 time, ie 5 x £8.50 = £42.50 per week.


Does anybody else offering all day care (8am to 6pm) put this info on a price list?.


Any samples or assistances would be greatly appreciated!.





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Hi i am in Hampshire, running a full day setting and on the pathfinder scheme. I list my prices and write a line at the bottom stating:


"government funded education is available for all three year olds from the term after their third birthday, each child can claim up to 15 free hours per week, term time only"


The majority of our children are full time so this is an extra bonus for parents, it would be unlikely that a child would attend just for the 15 hours, so i don't really make a big deal out of it!

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This is a headache isnt it. We calculate the cost of full time over a year and then the £ NEG which is deducted from the early cost. THis then gives the yearly cost which we divide by weeks of year or months depending on the way the parent wants to pay. Does that make any sense?? This means that the parents don't pay different amounts throughout the year when its holiday time and no NEG is received. hope that helps!!

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