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Hi Guys any ideas for my subtraction lesson focus with Reception?


It for a new Reception post for a school nearer to home.


I need to complete a main activitity and 2 group activities?


and a plenary?


want some ICT in there too.


Done all the usual stuff dominoes, bowling, songs etc. Want something WOW but different!!


Can anyone help?


I am so nervous?

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what about laminate pictures of buns- add real raisins on top (allergies??) child rolls die and takes/eats that many. How many left? First to eat all raisins wins!


On the ICT front could you make a simple powerpoint where children have to take so many away- if you do a google search you may find some ready made ones.


Can you do a shipping activity with toy tills and real money- do the battery operated tills count as ICT?

They could do simple subtraction calculations with real money. Even better they could create their own problems e.g. I had 10p and bought a lolly for 2p and a car for 5p how much altogether? How much will I have left. etc

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What about using a story that involves subtraction - I added a list of books a few months a go but I'll add it again as it links with the areas of maths. You an then do subtraction problem solving linked to it with each group. The key with all areas of maths is for it to be a context and the book will give it a context.



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