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Door Alarm - Please Help


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Our door alarm has stopped working so need to get a new one urgently!! But I have no idea where to get one from. The one we have is a small box which is attached to the top of the door. It has a pin in it then when it is pushed in the alarm sound is off (door is closed) and the pin moves out to sound the alarm (door is open). We are in a village hall where there is lots of comings and goings and I will have to use one of my assistants to stand at the door for the whole session until we get a new alarm.


Hope this makes sense!



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what about one of them ones where theres a box on the door and a box on the frame/wall/other door, and when the door is opened the alarm sounds. You can get them from most places, wilko, asda?, not too expensive either.


not really sure what you need though.


Lucie xx

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