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At this time of year we begin to think of the dreaded end of year reports. :o


I teach in Reception Class and my Report format has to be identical to that for the rest of the school. I just have different headings covering the six areas of learning and development.


However, I am sure that I have read it somewhere that we now have to report to parents advising them of the scale points achieved for each area. Am I mistaken??


Anyone any idea please?



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You have to report on progress towards the ELGs, you don't have to give scale points but a parent can request to see the actual numbers if they wish. By using the outcomes of the EYFSP as a basis for the report you are in effect reporting on progress towards elgs as the scale points relate to them.


Most of the schools I support use the 6 areas as headings and write comments within that format so I wouldn't worry too much.


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