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Hi everyone !


I was wondering if there any recipes that we could use at our setting that dosen't involve any cooking ?


The children have loved any activities that we have managed involving food, but unfortunately we do not have a oven or hob, only a microwave.


We have iced biscuits, made jelly,birds nests, crispy cakes, made sandwiches, fruit salad and are now running out of ideas !


So if you have any ideas could you please help me, it would be great to do something different !


Many thanks



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Vegetable Soup - They can chop all the veg and you can send it home to cook or microwave it, presuming you have a kettle to make the stock!

Coleslaw - just need to chop the veg and add the mayo - job done.

Play dough - there is a no cook recipe or we do the standard and microwave it rather than cook in a pan.

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How about smoothies - I had a smoothie making morning where the class (YR&1) prepared the fruit, we blended each fruit and they then mixed as per their choice/recipe - some tasted very nice others, not so! We got recipes from Innocent smoothies website and a book my Mum had (Juice Master I think).


Also how about Yoghurt Pie - crush some digestives and make a layer at bottom of bowl, layer on some yoghurt - any flavour but about twice as deep as biscuit - then top with fruit.


Popcorn - pop 60g of popping corn into a bowl with a loose cover - set microwave to time as per instructions on bag - and this could be used to talk about changes to corn and how it is not reversible?


Finally, how about fruit kebabs? The children could help prepare fruit and then choose which fruits to put on a wooden skewer. (Not sure if this would need a risk assessment with the skewer as long as its wooden though).


Sorry, this is all I can think of at the moment - hope this is of help!

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There's quite a good microwave section in 'More Fun & Food for Playgroups' by West Midlands Pre-School Playgroups Association - that tells you how old it is, and that I never throw anything away!There are also several drink reipes. Don't know if you could get a copy?


Have you thought about a slow cooker? They're quite cheap to buy & economical to run & you can do cakes & lemon curd etc in some. The drawback, of course, is how long they take :o

But I did our Christmas pudding in it very successfully; it was much better than microwaving, which is what we did before.

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microwave muffins


1 cup of dried apricots chopped coursely

2 cupd boiling water

1.5 cups of sr flour

1/3 (a third) cup brown sugar, firmly packed

1 egg

1/2 (half) cup veg. oil

1/2 (half) cup milk

1/2 (half) cup chocolate bits


need paper muffin cases, perhaps several for each or I ahve silicone ones, not expensive to buy and if reused a lot worhtwhile


put apricots and water in a bowl (to soften them, not needed if they are soft eating ones)


put dry ingredients in a bowl, stir in apricots, and then all wet ingredients do not over mix it should be lumpy!


spoon into cases and cook 6 at a time uncovered for 4 mins on med high (70%) or until they are just cooked, turn onto wire rack


supposed to make 12 but you could make them smaller and cook shorter, would give it a go at home first.


also on here there is the 5 min chocolate cake.. made in microwave.. link anyone? or try a search


must go and cook dinner!



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Thank You for all your replies !


Some interesting recipes, I had forgotten about the chocolate cake recipe !


Mind you those muffins sound yummy might give them ago and the yoghurt pie.


We have already made veg soup and noodles, but I would really like to try more savory recipes but it is so difficult to think of any.



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