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I know this has been covered before..........................but, does anyone know where I can get graduation gowns for the children, other than Manston, which are a bit pricey??? we had super ones last year, but we let the children keep them and I have just discovered that I cannot get any more from that supplier!! ( They were lovely little wizard ones).Help!! :o

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Ours were £15 from ebay still a bit pricey but good quality, they were the cheapest I could find.


We kept ours from last year and gave the children the tassle and year tag as a momento some parents bought them so had to get 5 more for this year.


x jojom x

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I made ours all 26. Only simple little cloaks with a ribbon tie. I bought plain cotton material from the market, the exact colour I wanted. Cut it into appropriately sized large rectangles (After roughly measuring the children so I knew how much material to buy!) and hemmed it on 3 sides with that magic hemming stuff. Made 1 larger hem at the top and as I don't possess a sewing machine I hand stitched it and finally threaded through gold ribbon. The capes fit any size of child, the ties could be adjusted to ensure it was secure and they looked fantastic. The mortars were made by adapting small paper bowls and attaching a square piece of cardboad to them (crisp boxes worked best). They were then gloss painted to match the capes and a gold tassel fixed on (to match the ribbon used in the cape). Finally elastic was fastened to ensure the hats stayed on their heads. Simple, cheap and very rewarding to hear the parents comments.

The capes were only three quarter length. In fact I think I have them in my loft so if you live nearby you're welcome to borrow them. :o

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