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Hi everyone.


I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the PLA Employee Handbook which they now tell me has gone to be revised :o ?


I only recently spotted that they had one and it is one of my never ending tasks to get one written for my setting. I saw this as the shortcut answer but typically I seem to have spotted it too late. They did say it would be available again but as when they revised the policies it doesn't seem to have a completion date!


If not the PLA one does anyone have another or would they be willing to share one they made (VERY cheeky I know)? I know everyone's would be different due to differences in settings etc but if I have something to start from I find it so much easier to focus.


Thank you!

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I've attached a check list which I used to use for two reasons

1/ Staff / Student Induction (signed off as we went through it)

2/ Staff handbook index (format of staff handbook)


I can't upload the handbook because I've converted it to PDF and I'm unable to delete staff contact details etc (confidentiality).

If you find my index useful and would like to see the content of the handbook then I could copy and past non confidential parts of it into a word doc and upload it. (or I'll see if I can work out how to delete some of the pages within the PDF Doc). Let me know if you want me to do this.

It is all pre EYFS so some of the content will be out of date, but I hope the 'format' helps. It was a very 'big' job to do so I hope this reduces some of the work for you. :o




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Thank you so much Peggy! That does help a lot. As you say it is a BIG job and one which I have been trying to get done for many years now, since I was on the committee myself. Your index will help enormously, especially as I also have new staff starting this week! I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the PLA had a template one and was then so disappointed when I found it was out of print - how had I missed it before? I did wonder if any of the other umbrella bodies did one such as NDNA which was one reason for my post, but your help will be invaluable to getting me started. Thank you.

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I would be very interested to if anyone has the PLA handbook, i to am trying to do a employee handbook, and recently got PLA policies and procedures, and they are really good.


I did find this that might also help some of you. just found it i a search on google. EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK


(just below 2nd paragraph, or just above text 'Traditional Fringe benefits' you will find a link to an Employees Handbook pdf document)



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removed link to pdf document, copyright - replaced with link to company website where members can access pdf document-Peggy
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I wasn't aware that the PSLA has ever done an employee handbook. They have a Pre-shool as Employers book, but that is aimed at employers. I wonder if it is a new one, and as the Policies & Procedures have done is just taking ages to get completed I will ask at our local office if you like, I have to email them about something else in next couple of days.

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This is in the publications catalogue, but I don't think it has come out yet - maybe it has been delayed the same as the policy book!


Employee Handbook - A120

£12.60 members

£16.75 non-members

The Employee Handbook is a useful tool for childcare settings to use to inform their employees about the setting, employment terms and conditions and expectations of the employee. The publication should be made available for staff to view, whilst much of its contents can be downloaded and adapted for your setting. Areas covered include staff support, health and safety, disciplinary

and grievance procedures and data protection. Available December 2008.

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Yes that is the one I wanted. They told me on the phone it was delayed as well. Unfortunately all work has been suspended in my house as my laptop has crashed! Well it's as good an excuse as any I guess :)

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