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Devising A Parent Workshop


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As part of an assignment I need to devise a parent workshop that focuses on the development of under 2's. I have never had to do or seen a parent workshop and was hoping that you could give me some advice on the format of them.


I am thinking of doing something about discovery bottles and treasure baskets, making it hands on for parents. I only have to prepare an outline of the workshop but wondered how other peopele ran them.


Thank you x

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Any workshop you need to have an aim, and then objectives as to how you plan to meet the aim...ie

bteotwtpwbatowh - translates to; By the end of the workshop the parents will be able to or will have........


within this aim try to include ksa (knowledge, skill, attitude)

AIM: To introduce to Parents the benefits of Discovery Bottles for under 2's


Will become aware of how children discover through their senses (knowledge)

Will discover how these bottles motivate curiosity (attitude)

Will make a bottle to take away (skill)


Maybe start the session with parents talking about a sensory experience they remember from their childhood.

conclude this discussion with a bit of theory

Explore a range of dicovery bottles

Make a discovery bottle.


Just a few thoughts, have fun is also a good objective. :oxD



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