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I have recently moved house and unfortuanly the broadband is rubbish so have decided to go with a mobile broadband, its just like a memory stick you plug in. Now this is brilliant!! xD much faster then what we were on however I have a problem!! :o Can you help? The only site i cant access is my university one!!! edgehill This is the case on my laptop too,I have tried everything deleting cookies etc etc but it just wont let me!! My friend let me download it on her computer and it wont let me access via the stick on hers either.

1. does anyone have simialir problems?

2. does anyone know why this would be the case?

I plan to contact uni again tomo but they insisted there was no problem with my account. whcih there isnt cos i accessed it via my friends aol.

Im sorry to be a pain I just thought it might be worth just asking its going to be anightmare if i havent regular contact as alot of it is elearning now.


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Sounds as if is a problem with the Mobile Broadband provider if you were able to access it before and on a friends laptop before not being able to access it with your stick. I'd give them a ring before contacting your Uni again - it may be a thing to do with security settings at either end!


Glad to hear mobile broadband is much faster - we are thinking of moving to mobile broadband as ours has slowed to the speed of a snail once again!

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