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We are currently looking at how we present music in our setting and how we can develop a programme which covers two years and allows the children to progress and develop listening skills, rhythm and an awareness of instruments as well as an appreciation of and enjoyment of music. We currently use the BBC music box programme which is useful for our pre-school children (4yr olds) but need something for the ante-preschool children (3yr olds). None of us are particularly musical. oes anyone have any ideas?

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Hello Sakin,

A book from the Belair early years series, "Music", by Julie Morrow is great for starting points to develop your Music curriculum; it has good ideas for display, types of music for listening to, setting up the music area, activities for each musical element, and has a few topic ideas at the end. I recommend it highly.

Other schemes that I dip into in my nursery are the "Music in the Foundation Stage" Scheme of work from Gateshead Council. It is presented as a two year music scheme, and gives a clear idea about tackling each element separately (timbre, duration, pitch, textue, structure, tempo and dynamics) Their email is jtreherne@gateshead.gov.uk

If you want to incorporate lots of movement in your music activities like us, I'd recommend:

"Let's Go Zudio" (includes a CD and lots of ideas for cross-curricular activities using a range of world/period music

"Action kids", (Teachers' handbook and CD) available from Val Sabin Publications (01604 580974)

and "Sticky Kids" (tapes for keep-fit-type movement) available from under-fives.co.uk

Hope this helps; I'm particularly keen on music for 3-5 year olds and am always on the lookout for new material, so if anyone else would like to add to this list, please do! :)

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