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I am writing a report for work based learning and am really finding it hard.I had just got to grips with essays but this is something else.

I am up to 900 words only 900 to go.

If I get going tomorrow I might get it finished.

Only wanted a little moan so now I feel better. Have tried to get examples of a report but with no luck.

Thanks for listening on a saturday night :o

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Guest mukerjee1

Hi marys - good luck with your report. I'm in the same position myself and know how hard it is to keep going when your tired and not 100% sure that what you are doing is correct.


Onwards and upwards - you can do it.

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HI Mary,


I know how you feel. I have done 1000 words of drivel on my Safeguarding report and have to find another 2000. Then I have to try and find 8000 to finish my dissertation and I'm finished. There is light at the end of the tunnel so keep going, you'll be fine.

Moan away



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i know how you feel, keep plodding on, i have to write 3000 words on workforce reform and how new legislation has had an impact, getting nowhere fast...... good luck....

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I think its like you just get the hang of essays and then they ask for a report. I think I am too discriptive in my writing and need to be more factual.

Thanks for the replys

My daughter is playing in the under 14s county cup football final in the morning so I best move off the computer and encourage her to sleep.

I will have another go at the report tomorrow thanks for all your support :o

Happy maz its def one of those" moments of woe" xD

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What are we all doing??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its the Easter break (for most) and we are all (yes, me included!) sat in front of these machines working!!!!!!!!!!!


I think its sad.


Though necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not sure where the balance is though!!!!!!!!!!


I liked reports because it breaks things up with little headings.

Easier than essays in my opinion.


I have done 4000 words re developing positive learners. Just need to add references there and print up.


However the assignment re working collaboratively which has an IEP built into it (well chunks of an IEP) is only at about 200 words............... out of 3000.


And don't get me started on the fact that I then need to update my early years profile folder


And then.................


I am due some pages for the book I am writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe this computer is the only sight I will see these hols!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS The plus point is at least its the hols and I do have some free time! :o

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we must be the champions of CPD! I ahve now completed 11, 085 words of my dissertation. I have completed 75% of my other assessment, its just a shame its such a nice day, as I want to try and wrap them both up today. Well done to all of us and hang in there. It will be worth it in the end. :o

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there is light at the end of the tunnel.... i finish my 2 yrs in june... so the summer holidays are all mine...... just have to do a 3000 word essay, 5000 word child study and a 5000 research project.... looks awful written down......

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Im going to have another go after dinner. We havnt broken up for the Easter hols yet still to go up to thursday and then Illm have a full week to do my three other essays as well.

At least Im going to families for my dinner so dont have to cook. :o

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