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Guest colechin

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Guest colechin

Hi everyone,


I will be interviewing a level 3 finally! after advertising for nearly a term. Has/Is anyone else found/finding it hard to attract level 3's? are we short of level 3's?



Tomorrow I have a young lady visiting our Nursery and she will be staying for the duration of the session to observe how we operate and for me to show her the paper work I would like her to do ie; Children's home diaries and their profile books.


Does anyone out there have a list of interview questions that they could share with me?.


Thank you in advance.

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Guest colechin

Thank you simcity, I have looked in the resource section and one was available from Peggy.


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


I have to say, I love this site. You will be hearing from me a lot in the future.

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Hi, When i've been in an interview situation recently one of my questions were:_

A child brings in a live frog that he'd caught in the garden, what do you do??????


Their after the child leding you answers with yougiving informtion freely and lots of ideas from all thats involved!!!!


Fab question, Give you a good idea on what they are like and how they work


Hope this helps.



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We're having trouble finding level 3s too.


We had one start, she had level 3 diploma, and a degree (unrelated) - and she has since proved to be totally useless with regard to actually working with the children. We even had her in for a session prior to employing her, I don't know if she had to work really hard it- but all I can say is on that day she 'performed' well.


Fortunately for us she had decided not to stay, which makes it easier for us in a way.


What worries me more, is not the lack of level 3s but the thought that this girl could actually gain her EYPs in a short time and them be highly qualified - but without a clue!........ the thought of her working a 1-13 ratio scares me!!


Now it's back to advertising again.



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