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I am looking at Autism and communication through play. any information or ideas on how to approach this topic would be greatfully recieved, also if any appropriate sources and references for this topic.




Lou x x x :D:o

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Hello Lou,

Welcome to the site. Is this for a piece if coursework, or general interest/professional development?

We have had two children with ASD recently, each with very different capabilities. G. had very few communication skills, and this was limited really to echolalia. We tried the PECS system with little effect, as he didn't look at the pictures, completely unfocused, own agenda, etc. He would sometimes copy waht others did, ie lining up the trains, or using certain tools with the playdough, so he was able to make limited communication through mimicry.

P. on the other hand, developed wonderfully warm communication skills, lots of eye contact and close body contact. He was able to make requests in his play, and enlist the help of other children, too. He is now in Year 1 and has visited us recently, telling us all about his time in reception. He loved to share books, and talk about the pictures, relating them to his own life.

Is there anything specific you need to know?

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