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im introducing money to F2 next week we have a shop in which we are goign to carry out he focus activity in however i am a bit stumpted as to where to start with the topic of money my lowers recognise nummbers to 10 and can find one more and 1 less my mid can rec numbers and combine grps with totals to 5 my highs can rec numbre and combine and subtract totals to 5


Any ideas of activities and where to pitch them woujld be gratefully received.

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Morning Lola - are you using real money? I have done this now for some time and it makes such a difference as it feels, smells and look different to plastic money!


I don't really have a wow! ideas but just wondered can you use money right across the curriculum for example there is a lovely game on Kent NgfL website with pirates and coins for phonic work.


Maybe put about 100 1ps and 100 2ps in the tuff spot or bury in the sand and then as they find it they can count it etc or go off to the shop and buy something.


I know I have always had to work for a long time to get children to understand that each coin is worth different amounts as so often they prefer to have 10 1ps rather than 2 5ps!!


Good luck!

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I usually introduce it at group time with a bag of shopping,with me dressed up in a silly wig and shawl, and I role play going shopping with my TA first. Then I choose children to be the shopkeeper. I made giant coins for this and laminated them and kept it to 1p, 2p 5p and 10p. 5 currant buns is also a good one for counting using giant 1p coins, or real ones of course. I do think that they should be handling real coins as well.

It's a bit 'old hat' but coin rubbings are also another activity that can be available in the Maths area.

I always found the concept of coin equivalence really difficult for this age group, so I didn't worry too much about it, concentrating on coin recognition and shopping play and using money and shopping language. It always amazed me how few children recognised and knew the coins. You can really tell which children who go to the shops with parents are talked with about it, and some go on their own. One activity I did with a more able group which went down very well, was to put 1ps on the 100 square a row at a time demonstrating 10p then 20p, 50p and showing that when the whole square was covered it it the same as £1.

in the shop we labelled items and the children could mark- make shopping lists or till receipts.

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