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I hope I've put this in the right place :o


Hi everyone...


I have a job interview on Monday in a school. As part of the interview process I need to read a story to a small group of Year 1 children. I'm fine with the storytelling but would like you lovely people to suggest some good books about 'CATS'. (That's the theme in year 1 at the moment) All I can think of is 'Puss in Boots', my mind is blank. It could be because I'm preparing for three interviews and trying to write my literature review before Wednesday. Please, please could you suggest some books...I want to make the session as multi-sensory as possible.





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6 dinner Sid


hairy mclary's


The whisperer - this is great about 2 cats from different gangs, that fall in love and have kittens.


hope that helps - I'm sure others will be along more

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Six dinner sid

Mog the forgetful cat

The Lighthouse keepers lunch



Any of CATS poems (TS Eliot)

Cat's sleep anywhere (poem)

Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been (great for positional language and shared writing / changing the 'positionals')


May think of more later


good luck




all of these easily lend themselves to follow up work which you could talk about during the interview(if you don't have to do it in the lesson)

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Good luck with the interviews - I love 6 dinner sid, there is so much you can talk about here.

Sid is a greedy cat who lives at 6 different houses in one street, where he has 6 dinners but also 6 personalities. He becomes poorly and has to visit the vets on,y to be found out!!


Hope this helps



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'My cat likes to hide in boxes' is a favourite. Lots of rhyming sentences. I usually start the book by having a 'My' toy cat in a box and introduce the cat then tell his story.On the punch line which the children join in 'But my cat likes to hide in boxes!' he pops out again before going back in the box. Naughty cat!


as an extention show/display a selection of boxes-jewellery, cereal, match, washing powder

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