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when children are left in a creche on the first day we ask parents to fill in a membership form and registration form. it is 2 pages long, asking about contact details, general info about the child, photo consent, medical consent. we however find if it is a one off creche this form is quiet lenghtly. (i will have to remember to send myself and example of ours to post on here). i was wondering what info you ask your parents.

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Not sure how this fits in with the EYFS now- so you'd need to check, but when I working in a college we had a 'mini form' for parent carers doing taster sessions - which just included




allergies + any relevant medical information

and the contact room details for the duration of the session.


we also included an emergency number - but this was more for if something happened to parent during their course than for the child!



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Our parents are registered with the centre if/when they come along to use a creche facility eg family learning or the like. If the parents are on site it is acceptable to use the centre reg form. But if they leave the premises, we make sure they fill in the creche reg form as well, even if its a one off occasion.



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