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Does Anybody Know What A Uccapilog File Is?!


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Does anybody know what a UCCAPILOG file is?!


I went to find something on my computer last night, and noticed a new folder in my user file on windows vista, called "Tracing" and the name of the file is WindowsLiveMessenger-uccapi-o.uccapilog.


I'm a bit paranoid that I've someone downloaded a log tracker or something?! xD And that If I long into MSN it's gonna send all my details to someone somewhere. :( haha.

Especially after giving my friend a lecture about how stupid she was to install a tracker on her computer the other day :o


I closed down MSN when I noticed it and deleted the file permanently, but when I opened MSN again it just pops back up and it's there again!!!


If anybody knows what it is.. I'd be very very VERY grateful.

Either to stop my panicing.. or to tell me I should be panicing more!! :(


Mrs Weasley

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Err.. Panic over!


I text my Dad and he said that some Windows Programmes send a log file back to Microsoft to let them know what you're doing.. click by click! xD



So anybody reading this who was the power, can probably delete this thread? Unless it's likely to be of use to anybody else.. :o

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You should've seen me.. I was panicing like it was the end of the world or something.. or like they had no skinny chips at the pub! hahah xD


I don't think they run out of skinny chips. Unless someone has eaten them all of course. :o

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I don't think they run out of skinny chips. Unless someone has eaten them all of course. :o

Well where do you think I've been all afternoon, Beau? xD This body doesn't look like this without serious maintenance!



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