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Hello folks

I have been asked to compile a new handbook for any student placements that we may have. Has anyone got an example that they could share to give a me something to adapt for our setting. I have a few things in mind but would love some expert advice.

What types of things shoud I be providing them with?

Thank you


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This is what we give the students;




Welcome to ........................................


What you can expect from us

• A friendly welcome from the staff.

• An opportunity to develop and practise your knowledge of childcare and gain confidence and skills to work with young children.

• Time at the end of the session to discuss ideas, NVQ /college assignments.

• An opportunity to carry out assignments once discussed and planned with staff.


What we expect from you

• To be on time.

• To give prior notice if you are unable to attend by telephoning ......................... as soon as possible.

• To get fully involved in the day-to-day activities at playgroup.

• To use your initiative where possible.

• To ask if you are not sure how to do something.

• To report all accidents and incidents to staff immediately.

• To report any broken toys or equipment, missing parts or unsafe equipment.

• To read the policies and procedures and abide by them.

• To respect confidentiality and not discuss any aspect of playgroup with parents or adults outside playgroup.





Useful information








Opening hours;

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Hi Apple I did one a few years back when I was school based tutor for local teacher training providers. I kept it brief (otherwise it wont be read!) and included in it things the things that they wouldn't get in other ways (for example from school prospectus or SDP, class teacher etc) I will see if I can find it int he next few days.


I included things like how we used the photocopier, tea funds, lunches, what happens at assemblies, use of school phones, dress code etc, coordinators and responsibilities, I expected that timetables curriculum coverage, breaks and duties, policies etc would be covered by the class teacher.

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