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Unit 304 K3d225


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Can anyone help me, I done everything regarding my nvq3 apart from k3d225, what can I use?

I don't understand NVQ-speak, but I wanted to welcome you to the Forum, Tarquin.


Make yourself at home, someone will be along soon to give you their views!



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I have just done this unit/knowledge criteria

I don't know if it's right but I can let you know what I've done in a bit if you like?



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Hi Tarquin and thanks for making your first post :o

Could you just tell us the wording of that criteria? That way, people who haven't done the NVQ will still be able to help you xD

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Hi Tarquin

We have made a chart to cover this one. 3 columns, titled,

the situation,

what I considered,

the outcome


Use examples from your everyday practice i.e. suggested change of routine, and then consider the implications and result.

You will need to think for a bit, as to which technique fits best with a situation.

good luck


elylass :



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Hi Tarquin


Like you I am doing unit 304 at the moment and have already completed K3D225. It is in getting marked at the moment.


The techiques of reflective analysis. I had fun with this one too! Although tutor was good.


Mine suggested ways of being reflective. Questions such as:-


Question the way you are doing things

Identify and resolve problems

Synthesis ideas

Ask "What if?"

Test ideas

Think about consequences

View things from a different perspective

Keep an open mind

Seek alternatives


Like I said it is being marked at the moment and I will find out on Wednesday whether or not I understood it correctly. I also included examples on 3 of the above as to how I have put this into practice in my setting showing that I understand what it means.


I'm sure some of the others on the forum will help you as well now they know what the question is - Techniques of reflective analysis!!


Hope this helps!


Let us know how you get on.


Siobhain x

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