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Leader Doing Eyps Course, Funding Question


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Hi, This is a bit of a complicated one, so I hope you'll bear with me. This question has come up at our committee meeting and I said I would ask on here as you all seem to know what's what!


The situation is as follows. Our leader has just started doing the EYPS course, which means she's out each Tuesday. The committee previously agreed that they would carry on paying her wages on the day she's out of the setting. Since then, the local authority have given the setting a grant of £2,000 to help the setting deal with the fact that she's out one day a week.


Anyway, this has given rise to a couple of questions:


- Firstly, because it had already been agreed that she would still get paid, she is paying tax and NI on the money she gets for the Tuesday she's out of the setting. Would she be liable to pay tax on grant money or not?


- Secondly, the money is more than we need to cover her absence, we will have just under £500 left over each year (assuming the grant continues). The LA have said that the money is for the setting to do with as we wish in relation to staffing, etc., rather than specifically to cover her wages. Clearly, any spare money we have goes towards the setting, whether it's staff overtime, resources or whatever. Do you feel we should give her the money anyway?


I suggested that we maybe we use it as a bonus, if numbers of children go up, or to offer her some extra overtime to fill out the SEF.


What do people think?

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Is this in addition to the graduate Leader fund?



As it was also already decided to pay our staff member we used ours to pay for the cover staff needed while she was out of the setting, rest of ours went on staff training.. eg First aid updates etc. I think she was also paid for 1 extra day a month to help cover time for paperwork involved, or rather someone was paid to cover her to allow her to have a day for this .


As it was wages we did deduct Tax and NI


Ours became really complicated as she was also doing some work with LEA on a working group so we had money coming in from that which covered her wage and the supply, it was a set amount for each day she attended.


what with that and graduate leader fund I know they found it hard to work it all out!



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yes, even as funding you would have to pay tax and NI.


The money is in addition to the graduate leader fund. If you don't need it to may for anymore that the Tuesday then I don't see a problems in using it in your setting for other supply.


In my setting it was used to also cover my supply when I was on courses or spent time with another room leader to support her in her work (I was in a day nursery at the time).


I hope this helps

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We also pay our staff member to have time off to study especially as it becomes time to hand in assignments and to also pay for supply cover. We have also given some to help with resources she may need to help with the course.

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I used some of the money (GLF admittedly) to buy books to support what I was doing on EYPS but which I also encourage the rest of the staff to look at. I made a bookshelf for staff to browse from with them. And yes I think it needs to be paid as wages and have tax and NI deducted. We were told money like this could not be used as a bonus or in a way to get around tax and NI although this may have been only my LA.

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