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Hi folks,


We are changing the times in our FS Unit, and I want Reception to go home at the same time as Nursery.


Does anybody know how many hours per day a Reception child has to spend at school?




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The recommended teaching hours for KS1 is 21 hours per week, but the actual length of the day varies from school to school. Remember that is teaching hours and not the hours the children are on the premises. Having said that I'm not sure how that can be applied to Reception classes where a lot of the children are under statutory school age. I would have thought that as nusery will be open for 5 hours a day then if the Reception runs to the same hours they would be OK. I wonder what will happen when you change to the three hour sessions?

Any changes to hours in the school day have to be approved by the Governing body and can only be implemented at the start of the new school year, so you need to get this started asap.

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Many thanks. 21 hrs a week? I didnt realise that it was as minimal as that.


I am currently proposing that Reception age children are in the Unit for 5 hrs 30 mins a day.


8.45-11.45 and then 12.30-3.00 (the only time they are out of the Unit would be the 45 mins at dinnertime).


So I should be able to go ahead with my proposal.


Obviously not sure about the 'flexible offer' - Nursery currently do 2hrs 30mins a day. Yes, we could just plonk the extra half hour a day on the end, but Im aware of the 'flexible' nature that parents may request.


Im putting it on hold until we have further advice from the LEA.


What is the latest it can be introduced? Sept 2010?



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