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We are a small nursery within a primary school but the nursery is undersubscribed while the rest of the school is over subscribed. My Head wants me to "market" the nursery more within the community to raise it's profile and encourage more families to send their children.


Can anyone help me with some ideas? Next year is our 5th anniversary so I thought we could do quite alot around that but I'm a bit short on ideas for the rest of this year.



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This isn't anything to help (sorry too early for me on that score!!) but I know that when our reception intake was cut to 30, parents then worried that the children at nursery wouldn't get a place in school so they started to send them places where they thought they had a better chance.


Most parents want them to settle into a nursery, and make friends with the children who will go to school with them, so maybe as the school is oversubscribed that is a factor!


Just a little glimmer of an idea how about some indirect marketing through pieces in the local newspaper re charity events/ sponsored activities or invite local press in to see glorious things you do in nursery!

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Hi kaloufl, be careful any advertising doesnt give an impression to parents that if they go to the nuresry they will automatically get a place at the school. Our local primary have a surestart nursery within and thats what the nursery were telling people. Lots of telling off I believe when our chair informed the school what she'd heard.


Is it obvious from going past the school there is a nursery within it? Are you close to other providers who might be offering something you're not? Do you get visits but then no applications to join? Could you ask the parents you've got what made them choose you, what they look for in a nursery and if there are things they'd like to see.


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My advise would be:


Banner outside the school.


Leaflets to be handed out at pick up time, mother and tots etc etc.


Posters put up in local playgrounds & generaqlly get out in the community.


Write a brief editorial and send it to the local rag.


Open day on a saturday.


Ask other parents to help promote - if they are happy they'll spread the word.


Good luck.



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