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Planning For Literacy And Numeracy In R


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Hi Catma,

This is one I really struggle with. I have been teaching Reception for a long time - nearly 12 years, and have managed to cope with all the changes. When Lit/Numeracy strategies came in I had to teach them, some years it was fine the class was ready, other years it was difficult. Now with the FS I really don't do it. I do elements of it daily, but sometimes we get carried away and I don't get round to it. I do not panic. But try and make sure that the children have experience of the strategies before end of summer term. Sorry not much help.


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HI Catma,

I have always found it best to keep my literacy and numeracy planning within my weekly planner although most recently I was using the plans from Hamilton trust and taking from the elemnts that I wanted to cover by highlighting.

A more specific planner induced a literacy and numeracy dominance and not a broad balanced approach.

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hi there Catma

in Reception we have whole mornings of either Literacy or Numeracy with independent play acitvities that support the learning in these areas.

For example on

Monday morning we have Phonics with either 2 teacher focused activities (or 1 TF and the other doing observations or supported play). After lunch there will be a 10-15 minute Oral/Mental numeracy session and then we go into CD/PD or K&U.

Tuesday we have a Numeracy morning and then after lunch a 10-15 Literacy session (Big book/shared writing or phonic focus)

Wednesday a half session of Numeracy (Ihave my hall time booked after play), 10-15 min literacy after lunch

Thursday Writing morning, 10-15 minute numeracy after lunch

Friday Music and movement and after play handwriting with the interactive whiteboard and individual white boards that the children use.


This might not work for everyone but it does in our setting. Having the mornings organised like this enables me to work with all children throughout the morning in one area of learning; the children get time to consolidate and extend their own learning and previous learning with independent literacy/numeracy activities.

By the middle of the summer term we introduce the 'hours'.

Hope this helps :)

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Guest Sycamore

I tend to do most of what has already been said.

I try and do elements of both each day, with my independent activities relating to the focus for the day. I do a 15 min focus first thing in the morning and then straight after play, even if that is sharing a big book or singing number songs.

I plan withtin my weekly planning and don't do a seperate plans for NNS or NLS although I know some schools do (my previous school being one).

Hope that helps a bit.

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I also worry about this! I am an NQT and so I often wonder about how much to do!


Especially with there being different documents stating different things (Strategies imply a more structured approach where as the CGFS offers a more balenced approach!)


I think that what is important that we don't race through the day trying to get everything 'done' - I find that my children need time to develop their understanding and so to squeeze separate literacy and numeracy in might be too much.


I have found that there are times when they fit brilliently - making signs for a supermarket etc. and other times when there wight want to be a numeracy focus e.g. looking at shapes (although you could probably want to make links here even!) but then you might do literacy the other half of the week.


The other thing to remember is that the way the day is run will change as the year progresses.


Hope you have a nice rest :)

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